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"I was a five-year-old. My parents told—my father told us that we were going on a long vacation to a place called Arkansas. It was an adventure. I thought everyone took vacations by leaving home in a railroad car with sentries, armed soldiers at both ends of the car, sitting on wooden benches. And whenever we approached a town, we were forced to draw the curtains, the shade. We were not supposed to be seen by the people out there. We thought that was the way things happened. We saw people crying, you know, and we thought, “Well, why are they crying? Daddy said we’re going on a vacation.”"
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I know sometimes it’s satisfying to scorn Bendigo/QLD/Texas/Australia/etc when you experience or hear about incidences of racism. I’ve definitely done that myself (sorry Adelaide).

But of course racism is never only “there” and writing off a town or region or country as a redneck backwater doesn’t support or respect the people of colour who call it home. It actually affirms the ownership that white racists claim over those places.

- June 25, 2014 at 05:24PM via FB

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I found this old Revlon powder compact at an antique shop today. The emblem on it looks so much like Louis XIV’s monogram that I couldn’t resist getting it! (I just looked it up and apparently Revlon was founded in 1932. Daaaang!!)

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Black Swan (2010)

Is it unpopular to like this movie these days? Well I don’t care, it was made for me.

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